segunda-feira, 6 de fevereiro de 2017

MAFIAS and mafias

We want to compare MAFIAS with mafias. You will understand!
What is a MAFIA? What is the idea of MAFIA?
MAFIA is a group of people. Sealeds, protect themselves, vengeful, violent, criminals.
Some institutions are like the MAFIA. Are the mafias.
The mafias are sealeds, protect themselves and … Sometimes … Are vengeful, violent and criminals.
Some institutions are mafias. Are the cops, judges, Companies, Governments etc.
When the mafias behave like MAFIAS, are the worst. Why use the public authorities and/or private to your personal interests.
The modus operandi is the same. The idea is the same. MAFIAS and mafias.
Do you understand?